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HTC 2010 Smartphone Portfolio Leaks

Gordon Kelly


HTC 2010 Smartphone Portfolio Leaks

What a coincidence: in January this year the HTC 2009 roadmap leaked followed by detailed specifications. Now in December the HTC 2010 portfolio has leaked with specifications. Bad security or just selective security...?

Still what we find out is rather interesting with eight new handsets revealed and, vitally, a shift from HTC to producing more Android than Windows Mobile based models. The 'Legend', 'Salsa', 'Tide', 'Buzz', 'Bravo', 'Photon', 'Trophy' and 'Tera' are the codenames and you'll find full spec breakdowns for each alongside the images below.

So rather than repeat all that, let's pick out a few highlights. Perhaps most notable are the 'Legend' and 'Bravo'. The former looks suspiciously like a second generation Hero with a faster 600MHz Qualcomm chipset, tasty 3.2in HVGA AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, HSUPA, aGPS and WiFi connectivity and a 5MP camera with flash. What is more disappointing is the continued use of minimal native memory (512MB) since Android cannot install apps on microSD.

As for the Bravo, this looks like an Android equivalent of the excellent HD2 bringing a 3.7in WVGA AMOLED capacitive display, 1GHz Qualcomm chipset and connectivity and camera identical to the Legend. Here a 16GB microSD card is bundled, though the 512MB of native flash still remains. Perhaps HTC knows something about the future of Android app installations that we don't?

The Salsa, Tide and Buzz meanwhile appear set for the lower midrange/budget sector while an interesting trend is the Windows Mobile 6.5 phones are fairly dull by comparison. The Trophy and Tera in particular could've been released any time in the last 18 months with the Legend-ish 'Photon' the only notable standout.

On top of this DigiTimes has also leaked the 'Passion' an HTC Android-based 3.5in OLED capacitive touchscreen model with 1GHz Snapdragon chipset that just serves to emphasise the points I made above.


via BGR

via DigiTimes

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