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HP Wireless TV Connect Beams Content from Laptop to TV

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If you’ve got a decent sized TV but most of your content is on your HDMI equipped laptop then HP’s new tech could be just what you’re after. Its new Wireless TV Connect system will send the sound and picture from your laptop’s HDMI port to your TV, all in full 1080p, without a wire or cable in sight.

You don’t need to install any software, and naturally it will work with any laptop or computer – there’s no lock-in to HP prouducts.

HP has come up with its own standard rather than Wireless HD and the sound and image apparently will be lag free. We do wonder if there’s enough bandwidth to send more than stereo audio, as if the connected TV is HDMI 1.4 enabled it could send surround sound from the laptop to an amp under the TV, via the audio return path.

No adaptors are required as power comes via HDMI but both the boxes are on the bulky side, though you can clip the transmitter box to the back of your laptop screen.

The Wireless TV connect will ship in October and will cost $199, and while UK pricing has not been announced we wouldn’t be surprised to see the same number with a pound sign in front of it.

Via: Electronista.

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