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HP Updates MacBook Imitating Envy Range

Gordon Kelly


HP Updates MacBook-Imitating Envy Range

It is widely accepted that love or hate Apple it makes good looking products, products that are - shall we say... - 'inspirational' to other companies...

HP continues to take this homage about as close to legal uncertainty as possible with its designer Envy line, but in fairness they do appear to be every bit as desirable as their MacBook Pro counterparts.

For a start the new Envy 17 (17in - above) and Envy 14 (14in - below) models copy (there, I said it) the MacBook Pros' all aluminium finish and back it up with the same backlit keyboards, slot loading optical drives and DisplayPort connectivity while throwing in HDMI and VGA for good measure.

On top of this is 'Beats Audio' technology co-developed between HP and Dr. Dre (as unlikely a partnership as you'll find) which claims "to provide the optimal sound experience when playing music or audio through headphones or external speakers". No word how good it sounds through the laptops' inbuilt speakers though.

Where things begin to differ between the two models is in terms of purpose with the lighter Envy 14 able to last up to a massive 13.75 hours with an optional extended battery (six hours as standard) and optional integrated 3G is available too. The Envy 14 is no slouch either, offering a range of Core i5 CPUs and coming with discrete ATI Radeon Mobility graphics

As for the Envy 17 this boasts a 1920 x 1080 Full HD display, choice of a Blu-ray drive and sports a single USB 3.0 port along with heavyweight ATI Mobility Radeon 5850 graphics and CPU options right up to a Quad core Intel Core i7 processor. Up to 8GB of DDR3 can be fitted too while storage can be configured up to 2TB.

Both the Envy 14 and Envy 17 are launching in May with the former starting at $999 (£660) and the latter at $1400 (£925). An entry level 13in MacBook Pro? £999. An entry level 17in MacBook Pro? £1,899.

Yes HP may have ripped off Apple's design skills, but I can't help but let it off when it comes this level of price/performance...


HP Envy Laptops

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