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HP Unveils Updated dv6 And dv7

David Gilbert


HP Unveils Updated dv6 And dv7

Envious of your friend’s HP's Envy but just can’t find the cash to update? Well here could be a solution as HP has just announced updates for its Pavillion models to make them more like the Envy laptops.

The Pavilion dv6 and dv7 have had a number of extras added to make them a lot more appealing to consumers who want the aesthetics of the Envy but without the deep hole in their bank balances. HP has realised there is a chance to capture a sizeable sector of the market by making their decent Pavillion line-up look a lot better. So the dv6 and dv7 are now clad in “dark umber” shells, have “cool” light-up touchpads, HD webcams, HP’s CoolSense technology and Beats Audio speakers. So quite a lot lot be excited about condsidering the price is likely to be a lot less than the Envy models.

Inside the dv6 and dv7 come with Intel’s flagship Sandy Bridge Core i5 and i7 processors, AMD’s Radeon 6000M graphics, high-definition BrightView displays and USB 3.0 ports. If you still have a few spare shekels left over you can get up to 2TBs of storage and/or Blu-ray drives for the 15.6in and 17.3in noebooks.

On the lower end of the Pavilion range is the g-series which has also been given a boost. The g-series will now ship with a huge range of colours “to fit any style or personality” and will also have HD BrightView displays and Altec Lansing speakers. The 14in g4, 15.4in g6, and 17.3in g7 will be powered by AMD's Athlon and Turion and Intel's Pentium and Core i3 processors respectively. They all have a pseudo-chiclet keyboard and the touchpad will be totally flush with the palm rests – which we imagine could lead to some accidental cursor movement.

While pricing for the new Pavilion models is yet to be announced in the UK, in the States the dv6 is going on sale for $750 with the dv7 at $1,000. The g-series will cost between $450 and $600. We will bring you UK pricing as soon as we get it however all models won’t be available here until May.


February 11, 2011, 7:50 pm

I never actually liked the Envy, I thought the swirly pattern on it looked cheap; so to me these are actually nicer machines.

I think this and DELL canning the Adamo are similar ploys. They are taking the DNA from their high end designs and putting it into their more mainstream laptops. I wonder if HP like DELL will end up cancelling the Envy. Is there space for it now?

We are seeing more and more people tempted to Apple with the halo effect from the iPhone (fools), now DELL & HP are firing back with machines as sexy (or more) than the Macbooks at a much more sensible price range. Before you could justify paying the extra £200-400 for a Mac cos of the design, with PCs being as good looking and better specced, it should stop a lot of defectors. And for those who are happy with PCs, well finally some better looking machines.


February 12, 2011, 8:39 pm

I find it surprising that everyone is making such a massive deal about these laptops. Yes there're nice, very nice in fact but bar the illuminated trackpad this transition from the envy to more mainstream (in terms of price) models started a year ago with the tm2 which can now be had online for about £500 from ebay, £600 new which whilst not budget is certainly far envy prices. The keyboards are brilliant and appear identical in the press shots. Very happy to see to happening but no idea why when they started the process ayear ago it has taken so long.

I think HP is now 'the' company to challenge apple. They've had bad press in the past but with these new models and the new webos devices and my trusty tm2 still going strong I think that's well behind them. Saying that I'm a satisfied iphone owner - controversial!


February 13, 2011, 5:29 pm

If they update the screen resolution for the 15.6" screen then I'd be tempted. It's the main thing that's put me off and made me look at the Vaio's.


February 13, 2011, 10:53 pm

@Mikki - I'm with you on that. If HP put a 1080p screen on the 15.6" then it's a done deal. If the 17" come with a 1080 option then i'd even be happy with that.

I have somewhat re-evaluated my needs since originality wanting a netbook!


February 14, 2011, 3:33 pm

I like the look of these a lot. Agree that I'd like a bigger desktop area though on the 15" version.

Big question for me is whether I can buy it with an SSD in place of the HDD. Having got used to one on my desktop I now appreciate the difference it makes too much to give it up.

Not sure when these will be out, anything Sandy Bridge based looks to be delayed for many weeks yet.


February 15, 2011, 2:42 pm

Have they changed the LCD to something decent? I have had the misfortune of buying a dv6 last September on the strength of its specs (Quad core i7, 6 GB RAM, Radeon 5650 1GB) and found it to have the absolute worst panel I've ever seen: my 7 years old Asus laptop has much richer colors, nowhere near as dismal viewing angles (even when I position my face to be on the normal to the center's screen the top and bottom fade to white) AND it can manage to pull grays off without dithering so much it looks like a poorly tuned analog TV set; I won't go into comparisons with my Mac Book Pro because then it just gets sad. It is so bad I have given up on watching videos or playing games on it, two of the main reasons why I bought it in the first place. I also know for a fact I didn't just happen to get a lemon, as I am on my second dv6 (had to return the first because of a non-functional DVD drive). Then there's the matter of the hard drive: good sequential speeds but try to do more than one thing at once and the machine becomes unusable (was FTPing some movies to my XBOX over LAN and started to play some MP3s, transfer rate dropped from 5MB/s (how nice of them to include a 2.4Ghz, single stream only radio: my MBP could do 10MB/s in identical circumstances) to 800kB/s, picked up again after I closed the media player). As far as I can tell, HP will skimp on anything it can get away with (read, everything that won't show up on the tech specs); as much as I've come to dislike Apple, I am now saving to buy another MBP as soon as they get refreshed with Sandy Bridge: while underspecced, they at least seem not to cut as many corners.

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