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HP Unveils Smart Printers With Email

Gordon Kelly


HP Unveils Smart Printers With Email

With Cloud computing gathering pace and ever lighter, thinner, more powerful handsets, laptops and tablets doing the rounds you probably print about as often as you play polo, but at least Hewlett Packard has found a way to keep printers relevant...

The tech giant (310,000 employees, $115bn annual revenue!) has announced it will roll out new printers designed to print wirelessly from laptops, tablets and smartphones. No drivers are required because the printers have... wait for it... email addresses and you simply email the link you want the printer to print. This can work also for web-based document editors like Google Docs and Microsoft Office Web and even with photos you email taken from your devices. Can anyone say Paparazzi field day...?

A companion website called 'ePrintCenter' will also work with partners to develop dedicated services to take advantage of this functionality with specially formatted pages and more. Over 40 companies have signed up so far including Crayola and Nickelodeon - and I suspect a Playboy deal can't be far off..

Interestingly ePrintCenter will also let users print to one of over 7,000 HP-made public printing kiosks inside stores which the company will launch on the back of this breakthrough to make printing on the move a viable option (depending on the proximity of the kiosk, naturally).

Availability? We're awaiting the announcement of dates and indeed specific printer models, but the tech won't carry much overhead with HP saying printer prices will start from just $99. Can it be retro-fitted into existing printers like its Premium with TouchSmart Web? (pictured) We don't know. Does it all have anything to do with webOS? Not yet...

Source: NYT

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