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HP Slate Specifications Leak, Matches Netbooks

Gordon Kelly


HP Slate Specifications Leak, Bests Netbooks

Need an iPad alternative? This miiiiight be it:

Specs have leaked for HP's much anticipated Slate tablet and they netbook-tastic. Which actually isn't a great thing given netbooks pack about as much performance as a dandelion in a hurricane. That said, there are saving graces...

Getting the meh out of the way first we have a 1.6GHz Intel Atom Z530 (you say Atom, I say why bother?), 1GB of RAM (a real killer), and Intel integrated graphics. Yes, the saving graces need to be good, but thankfully they are with a Broadcom Crystal HD chip enabling 1080p video playback and 32GB of solid state memory meaning it should still perform to a decent level.

Furthermore, HP has slapped in an 8.9in 1024 x 600 pixel capacitive multi-touch display and while Windows 7 may not have the finger friendliness of iPhone OS it's a nice extra. On top of this is optional integrated 3G (using a standard sim), a USB port, SDHC slot. HDMI out and dual cameras (3MP on the back, VGA on the front). Yes it is like HP wanted to highlight iPad deficiencies.

On top of this the Slate is slightly lighter than the iPad (0.67Kg vs 0.68Kg), though its (removable) battery manages just five hours - half that of the iPad's 10 hours.

A late April/early May release date is on the cards and at $599 the HP Slate retails for exactly the same as a 32GB iPad. Game on...


via Engadget

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