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HP Rolls Out New iPaqs

Gordon Kelly


HP Rolls Out New iPAQs

Thinking back, 'iPAQ' was the generic industry term for 'smartphone' before the market exploded and with a rash of handsets announced over the last year is clear HP would like this ubiquity back...

To this end the company has splurged upon us today its latest pair of iPAQs, the 'Voice Messenger' (VM) and 'Data Messenger' (DM) - the former a slim line candybar with BlackBerry-esque rocker Qwerty keypad and the latter a full on touchscreen, Qwerty slider. Perhaps unsurprisingly, HP dubs them 'Beauty and The Beast'.

Outward styling makes for a pretty compelling argument for this too with the devices' clean lines certainly appealing and their shared 7.2Mbit HSDPA, GPS, WiFi and 3MP cameras should do more than enough to sway the business crowd about their internals as well.

Where they differ - quite obviously - are the VM's 2.4in and DM's 2.8in QVGA displays (a slightly low resolution for the DM in this day and age, perhaps?), but the duo are also linked in few downsides too: their shared microSD slots are compatible with up to 8GB (so the new 16GB microSD HC cards are off the menu), while 128MB SDRAM doesn't really excite anymore, nor do the 2.5mm headphone connectors (HP - what did you really gain from that saved 1mm?!).

Still, with a release launch next month on Vodafone, the HP iPAQ Voice Messenger and HP iPAQ Data Messenger should make worthy market additions for those not enticed by BlackBerry, Apple or Microsoft's horrendous Windows Mobile OS. Furthermore while subsidised pricing is as yet unknown, they are expected to retail for approx £330 and £399 respectively sim free, figures that could have many a corporate finance department smiling...




October 21, 2008, 5:50 pm

another iphone contender which clearly fails miserably..


October 21, 2008, 7:35 pm

I wouldn't even call it a contender at all - i'd say the whole Smartphone-with-a-slider_keypad category is out there on its own.. Anyway, it runs WinDoze mobile so it's not coming for the iPhone soon. The iPhone has no contenders, only pretenders and that is the mark of a unique product. Nothing radically new, nothing fancy, just a platinum-standard marriage of great features and market-present products and materials to bring a desirable product - no wonder they call it genius!


October 21, 2008, 9:38 pm

Why has this keypad got a QWERTZ format? Any particular reason for the Y and Z keys to be reversed?


October 21, 2008, 9:46 pm

@Kaben - yep, it's just what HP put out to everyone. Will be Qwerty for the UK and US.


October 22, 2008, 2:36 am

@Gordon - i didn't actually realise that there were any territories that use qwertz as their keyboard format when i posted that! I had wondered if it was just a bad mock-up or something lol. Learn a little every day i guess!

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