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HP Redesigns the Laptop

Gordon Kelly


HP Redesigns the Laptop

Have we really been getting it wrong all these years?

According to HP and its newly unveiled 'Firefly' (oh the happy memories) prototype laptop then yes indeed.

Designed as a multimedia centric machine, the 17 incher makes two significant changes to the layout we've all come to know and - if we're honest - rather like. Firstly a second 4.3in 800 x 480 resolution display has been fitted below the main screen which could be practical for a few secondary apps but means goodbye sexy, slim screen bezels. I also can't help but think an ultra wide flush second screen that matched the horizontal resolution of the one above would've been rather more useful.

Secondly - and one I find even harder to get onboard with - is the repositioning of the trackpad right of the keyboard. Now I get the logic but on the other hand, I retort: many (including me) like using two hands on a trackpad occasionally and it brings right and left handedness needlessly into it. Quite frankly HP our forearms naturally break into a V shape when using a notebook and that opens up the space beautifully for the trackpad - I like that you've got multi-touch but overall no, just no.

For the record there's a 2.4GHz Core 2 Extreme CPU, Mobility Radeon HD 3870 GPU, 4GB RAM and a 7,200rpm 250GB HDD but none of it really matters as HP has no plans to put the Firefly into mass production...

...good. Next.


via LaptopMag.com

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