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HP ProBook S-Series Laptops Launch


HP ProBook S-Series Laptops Launch

HP has bolstered its laptop range with the introduction of a new systems merging, in its words, "business functionality with sophisticated design to stand out from the crowd." With sizes range from 14in and prices starting at $529 (~£360) there should be a system for just about every businessperson.

At the 14in end of the scale the 4410s and 4415s offer Intel and AMD processor options respectively, boast 16:9 aspect radio 'HD' displays (of annoyingly unspecified resolution) and either Intel GMA X4500HD integrated, or AMD ATI Mobility Radeon 4330 graphics. HDMI outputs, optional Blu-ray drives and a range of battery options are also available.

A size up the Intel-powered ProBook 4510s and AMD-powered 4515s come with 15.6in screens, again of unspecified resolution, and can be fitted with wireless internet modules, in addition to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity present by default.

The largest ProBook, the 4710s, has a 17.3in display, dedicated ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 graphics with 512MB of memory. Wi-Fi is standard, Bluetooth optional and is available with Intel processors only.

Both Windows Vista and Novell SuSE Enterprise Desktop 11 Linux operating systems are available to choose from.



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