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HP Plans 3D Printers Before End of 2010

Gordon Kelly


HP Plans 3D Printers Before End of 2010

It isn't often I get excited at the prospect of writing a story about printers, but here's a welcome exception...

Hewlett Packard has announced it will be releasing its first 3D printers during 2010 and they will be affordable (on the enterprise scale of things). HP will be using specialist Stratasys to produce its models, though it hasn't gone public on specific details at this point.

"There are millions of 3-D designers using 2-D printers," said HP large format printing business VP Santiago Morera. "Stratasys’ technology is the ideal platform for HP to enter the market and begin to capitalize on this untapped opportunity."

Prices are likely to be under $15,000 (£9,000) - a tad unthinkable just a few years ago - and will be largely used in conjunction with CAD to create three dimensional plastic prototypes ahead of final, full scale designs. So no, we're not quite talking print your own remote control car just yet.

Mainstream usage? Still a number of years away, but I bet the adult industry can't wait...


via Wired

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