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HP Unveils Full HD 25.5in TouchSmart IQ800 With Blu-ray

Andy Vandervell


HP Unveils Full HD 25.5in TouchSmart IQ800 With Blu-ray

Clearly someone within HP reckoned that its TouchSmart range, which saw a complete redesign when it launched the IQ500 (review coming soon) earlier this year, would be better if it was just a lot bigger. With this in mind HP has launched the IQ800, a 25.5in version of its touchscreen All-In-One PC that adds more powerful components and a Blu-ray drive to complement its Full HD capable 1,920 x 1,200 resolution display.

In addition to all this HP has added the ability to wall mount the IQ800, something that isn't possible with the IQ500. It's no surprise to see the TV Tuner retained and they'll be larger hard drives and a more powerful nVidia 9600M GS with 512MB dedicated memory included too. This should help placate anyone who feels the IQ500 is a little underpowered, though the IQ800 will still be utilising mobile components rather than desktop ones.

Other improvements include upgraded speakers and the addition of a 'Personal Media Bay Drive', essentially a slot from which you can hot-swap a portable hard drive of HP's making. All told, though we can understand the PC come TV aspirations of the IQ800, we're not entirely convinced by the need for it, but if you're interested it should be available in November for 1,500 of our quickly declining Pound Sterling.


September 16, 2008, 12:56 pm

cool - but what is held me off buying one (IQ500) is the lack a digital/hdmi video out port

even though the motherboard specs show there is a port on the board...

cannot find fuill specs for the IQ800 yet to see if one has been added

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