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HP Expanding webOS Platform To All PCs

David Gilbert


HP Expanding webOS Platform To All PCs

HP’s webOS platform has a very loyal following but the company’s new CEO has announced plans to try and make the software more popular, saying that webOS will ship with every HP PC in 2012.

In what is a big boast, Leo Apotheker told Business Week that next year all of HP’s PCs will come with webOS as well as Windows in a bid to “create a massive platform” for developers. While both Apple and Android devices have several hundred thousand applications written for them, webOS has only 6,000. HP recently launched the TouchPad tablet as well as the Pre 3 and Veer smartphones running webOS and played up the embedded TouchStone technology, which allows the devices to communicate with each other.

Apotheker, who took over from Mark Hurd last year as chief of HP, has made predictions in the past which have proven to be far from true. He told the BBC back in January: "HP will stop making announcements for stuff it doesn't have. When HP makes announcements, it will be getting ready to ship." However following the announcement of the TouchPad last month, customers still face months of waiting to get their hands on the device.

In the Business Week interview published today, Apotheker pulled no punches saying: “HP has lost its soul. The first thing I wanted to do when I joined HP was listen to the people. The rank and file usually know about all the shortcomings.” HP are planning another major announcement next week on 14 March when the CEO will reveal what he has called his "secret answer" and "vision of what HP is capable of in the future... the starting point." We’ll be covering this announcement as it happens next week but in the meantime, do you think webOS on all PCs will be a good idea?

Source: Business Week

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