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HP Bringing webOS To PCs By End Of Year

David Gilbert


HP Bringing webOS To PCs By End Of Year

At the HP Summit last night, CEO Léo Apotheker announced that the TouchPad would be launched in June, a beta version of webOS running on a browser will be available on a PC by the end of the year and HP could ship a Windows-based tablet in the future if it gets “the right version of Windows to do that."

The summit was Apotheker’s first since taking over from Mark Hurd as CEO four and a half months ago and “In that time I have been rolling up my sleeves and digging into the business,” Apotheker said. He spoke about “the way forward for HP” which includes an emphasis on connectivity and software. "The world is connected, people to people. People want information where and when they need it. We intend to be the platform for the cloud and connectivity."

Last week we reported that Apotheker predicted that webOS would be on 100 million PCs by next year and at the summit he expanded on how that would happen. “There will be a beta version for webOS running on a browser on PCs available at the end of the year and you'll see us putting webOS on that technology on PCs, on Windows PCs I should add, starting from that point onwards and we hope to read 100 million devices a year. We'll put the same technology on our printers, we'll put them on PCs, we'll put them on TouchPads, we'll put them on smartphones, so you'll see this become a very massive, very broad platform.” We don’t yet know what browsers this will work with or whether HP will have a separate proprietary browser just for webOS.

Speaking about HP bringing out a Windows-based tablet, Apotheker said: “webOS technology is seamless when it comes to working with Windows, we just need the right version of Windows to do that." Before that happens however, he said the TouchPad, which was announced last month, will be launched in June. He made no mention of where it would be launching at that time, shipping dates or pricing.

If you want to see the entire presentation, check out the video above or for the slides from the presentation, click the source link below. Let us know if you think that webOS running on PCs in the manner Apotheker talks about and if you think that June could be a little late for the TouchPad’s launch?

Source: HP (.pdf)

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