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HP Announces Two New TouchSmart All-In-One PCs

David Gilbert


HP Announces Two New TouchSmart All-In-One PCs [Updated]

HP is no stranger to the All-in-One PC game and only a few months ago brought us the Touchsmart 600-1220uk but it has now launched two new models in the range, both of which have reclining touchscreens for added comfort.

When we visited CES last month, we took a tour of the MSI stand and in the section it called Protoypes, we saw a pair of new All-in-Ones that had sliding touchscreens. We were genuinely impressed with the innovation and obviously HP has been thinking along the same line. It has beaten MSI to the punch by bring the TouchSmart 610 Consumer PC and HP TouchSmart 9300 Elite Business PC to market first. These devices are HP’s first to incorporate a 60-degree reclining 23in multitouch display to allow for more comfortable user experience.

Incorporating the reclining Led backlit LCD touchscreen, the 610 is aimed at the home user and comes pre-loaded with the latest HP TouchSmart skin for more intuitive tactile experiences. This includes finger-friendly apps from Twitter, Hulu and Netflix among others. The 610 can be configured with Intel and AMD processors, up to 16GB of RAM, a Blu-ray drive and 1TB of storage. It comes with an in-built 1.3 megapixel webcam and Beats Audio speakers as standard.

The 9300 on the other hand is aimed solely at the business and commercial sphere and therefore comes only with Windows 7 pre-loaded – presumably allowing companies to put their own software on top of this if they so wish. The 9300 can be shipped with Intel’s flagship Sandy Bridge processors, 160GB of SSD and a 2 megapixel webcam with facial recognition software.

While the specs combined with the reclining touchscreen make the Touchsmart 610 and 9300 tempting prospects, both still seem like very bulky devices, especially when compared to the slender lines of the Angellow and Butterfly which used the stand to hide all the internals of the PC. We are awaiting word back from HP regarding UK pricing and release dates for the two models but the 610 is shipping in the States this week for $699 while the 9300 is expected in May but no price has been released for that as yet.

Update: HP has been back onto us and the TouchSmart 610 will cost £999 here in the UK and will be available in April. That's more than twice the price than our cousins in the States will be paying (though obviously tax has not been included in the $699 price for the US). No word on the price or release date for the 9300.


February 7, 2011, 8:56 pm

If they built a Wacom digitiser into the screen, like they have on my TM2 laptop, they could end up with a bargain version of this: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Wac...

I'd certainly buy one.

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