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HP And Palm Get Back in Tablet Game

David Gilbert


HP And Palm Get Back In Tablet Game

Tablets, tablets, and more tablets. We just can’t escape the hand held touchscreen devices at the moment and with CES just around the corner a dark horse has emerged from the pack with a what could be a trio of interesting devices.

Motorola and RIM are shaping up to seriously challenge Apple for dominance in the tablet PC market, but if reports from America can be believed, Palm (and its new owner HP) can join that list. Reports suggest that HP will unveil a trio of webOS-powered tablets in Vegas, with another to come later in 2011. FoxNews.com says a “trusted source” fed them spec sheets for the new devices and if they can be believed, could see a remarkable turnaround in fortunes for both Palm and HP – who unveiled the doomed Slate at last year’s CES.

HP bought the struggling Palm last April for $1.2 billion saying the power of webOS would allow it ”to participate more aggressively in the fast-growing, highly profitable smartphone and connected mobile device markets.” And that prediction seems to be coming true.

The new devices, to be branded as PalmPads, will see the specs of the Slate tweaked in detail for each of the three tablets. All three will run a new iteration of the WebOS operating system, version 2.5.1. The fourth version of the PalmPad won't be shown off at CES, but is rumoured to be custom-made for university students to prove how versatile the machines can be. The devices will also have dual cameras (1.3 and 3-megapixel) with LED flashes.

After that, not much hardware specs are known. Screen size, processor power or storage capacity are unknown – as is price point and release dates. All these details will no doubt be slowly trickling out in the coming weeks prior to HP’s launch of the tablets at CES in January. Anyone wondering why HP are diving head first into the tablet market need only look at the predictions for tablet sales of 20 million in 2010 and up to 50 million the next year.

Source: FoxNews.com


December 22, 2010, 4:36 pm

HP have been promising delivery of a WebOS tablet since they first acquired Palm - and this is the form-factor that should really demonstrate what WebOS is capable of.

If HP have got the hardware specs and build quality right - along with connectivity that the iPad sorely lacks (HDMI, USB, SD, etc) they could be onto something good.

They really do need to get it right first time though - waiting another 6-12 months for a second iteration would be fatal in a market that's about to become very crowded.

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