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HD Formats Sales Growing Better Than DVD


HD Formats Sales Growing Better Than DVD

Regardless of your side in the HD format war, it's a less well publicised fact that the real enemy to both Blu-ray and HD DVD is market adoption. It is interesting to discover, then, that according to the data both disc types are experiencing better market growth than DVD managed back in the day. Conceding for a moment that we still don't know 100 per cent for sure which HD format is actually going to win the so-called war, the fact that both formats are being more readily accepted is clearly a Good Thing.

According to analysts Displaysearch, sales of DVD discs took around two years to reach the point where the high definition market is now at. In a marvellous feat of what might be called stating the obvious the firm put this down to rapidly dropping price of players and better market awareness. Speaking as one of the journalists who just can't stop harping on about Blu-ray and HD DVD constantly, I think that's only to be expected - media coverage of the format war has been pretty intensive.

Stephen Baker, Vice President of the NDP who kindly supply most of the data used in determining the format war's state of play, suggested that according to his groups research there is a strong expectation that one of the formats will definitely win out. He also suggested that he believes this was likely to be the ‘last run' for physical media, what with downloadable content's continuing growth as an accepted distribution method. Food for thought certainly, but I think the humble disc has a bit of life in it yet - still, it's nice to know the HD formats aren't doing too bad on the sales front, whichever is the more popular.


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