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HANNspree Makes Cute/Thunderously Pricey Kids' TVs

Gordon Kelly


HANNspree Makes Cute/Thunderously Pricey Kids' TVs

So you’re an affluent parent/strangely wealthy child or have simply failed to mature into a placid, dour, sensible adult life… HANNspree has something clearly aimed for you.

Making the perfect re-mortgaging Xmas gift for the tiny terrors in your life (kids, not parking wardens) is the company’s utterly loveable Sports Line of LCD TVs.

There is a Basketball for Yankee kids, golf cube ball for bullied kids and football for kids brought up just the right way (note: no rugby balls, because the whole sport is evil). The first two have 15in (1024 x 768) screens with 500 cd/m2 brightness and that latter a 9.6in (800 x 600) screen with a lower 350 cd/m2. Response times aren’t particularly cutting edge at 16ms all round but it shouldn’t make too much difference on screens of this size.

Again the basketball and golf cube ball match when it comes to viewing angles offering up 150 degrees while the football lags behind with 130 degrees. Each model packs S-Video, composite and VGA connectivity along with a headphone jack (ideal for keeping the little monsters’ din down – though a book could work too) and the basketball and golf cube ball are all wall mountable.

The big shocker however has yet to come: price. For a little styling ingenuity expect to may a major premium with Amazon listing the basketball for a mind numbing £457, the golf cube ball for £338.83 and – perhaps most inexplicably – the 9.6in screened football for £530.32 (that’s about £100 more than you can find a Toshiba 32in 32WLT66 on Froogle).

Now there are many questions to ask about this, but despite the long queue forming in my mind a more straightforward one comes first: Of the trio shouldn’t the golf cube ball have been the small one…?

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