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Gumtree Overhauls Site

Gordon Kelly


Gumtree Overhauls Site

It's Friday afternoon and if you haven't already killed enough time by reading my random wittering then chances are you're cruising Facebook, meandering through YouTube or browsing Gumtree. In which case you may have noticed the last of these looking rather different...

The local classifieds website which will find you everything from a laptop to a lap...land holiday (I didn't go there) has today re-launched with a stack of new features.

Most notable amongst these are an upgraded search with national, local, area and postcode filters, the introduction of city homepages, the inclusion of prices in results pages and the option to arrange results by date or price. On top of this is a 'Your Gumtree' box which now appears at the bottom of every page and displays shortcuts to recently viewed ads, saved ads and managing any ads you may have placed.

The changes come following a Gumtree survey of its online community - from which over 8,000 backpackers users replied - and there's no disputing the additions all make sense, even if they arguably should've already been here by now.

The redesigned Gumtree site goes live immediately, so if you're slacking off right about now then go rent a room, pick up an unwanted pet and buy yourself a VHS player to put in it...

Link: new Gumtree

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