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Paul Otellini's Keynote

But a device like the Community PC only solves half the issue, the other problem in the developing world is connectivity. With villages spread out over vast areas, it’s not practical or commercially viable to roll traditional broadband out to the population. The obvious solution to this issue is WiMAX, and to prove this Otellini held a video conference call with a village in the Himalayas via a WiMAX connection.

As the CEO, there was no way that Otellini could give a keynote without mentioning the Digital Home. With digital media being the key to the digital home, distribution of this media is paramount and that’s where the mass adoption of broadband comes in. According to Intel there are about 300,000,000 broadband users world wide, and with content distribution via the Internet, we could see a true world wide entertainment market.

Otellini gave a demonstration where he bought a movie online, and downloaded it directly to a media PC. He then streamed the same movie wirelessly to another screen using a digital media adapter. This hinted at the future of entertainment delivery, where you won’t need to use a local cable or satellite company and instead can subscribe to a TV or movie channel in another continent. In fact Intel has teamed up with Morgan Freeman’s production company, ClickStar in order to facilitate distribution of new movies directly over the Internet. I’ve covered Intel’s vision of the digital home in more detail here, and the future looks bright.

The conclusion of Otellini’s keynote was that as long as technology companies continue to design and build products that consumers want, the industry will continue to grow – growth through innovation.


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