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Paul Otellini's Keynote


Growth Through Innovation

In his first IDF Keynote as CEO, Paul Otellini delivered a rousing message to the masses huddled into the Moscone Center – Growth is back! The general consensus over the past few years has been that the technology industry is in decline and that it’s had its day in the sun. But Otellini was keen to refute this opinion, putting forward the idea that changes in direction will see the technology industry enjoy new and unprecedented growth over the coming years. Growth through innovation was Otellini’s message – designing, developing and producing products that customers want is the key to continued growth.

Otellini cited Centrino as a prime example of growth through innovation. The Centrino platform has been such a massive success for Intel, that the branding has become almost synonymous with wireless enabled notebooks, despite the fact that integrated wireless is only one aspect of the Centrino package. Since the launch of the Centrino platform, many territories have seen notebook sales outstripping desktop sales as users realise that they can do everything and more with a notebook, rather than a desktop. Also, the low power, low heat and long battery life offered by the Centrino platform created slimmer, lighter and sexier notebooks that drove consumer desire – create a product that people want, and sales will flourish!

According to Otellini, Centrino created a “new normal” - people now expect to have their data with them at all times, while being able to get connected wherever they are, and it’s this expectation that has created the mobile market we see today.

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