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Gran Turismo 5 Offers First 3D Racing Experience

David Gilbert


Gran Turismo 5 Offers 3D Racing

It has been five years in the making with month after month of delay only adding to the anticipation/frustration of gamers around the globe, but its finally here. Released in the UK today is Gran Turismo 5 – which offers those suitably equipped a 3D racing experience.

Having already sold 56million copies of the franchise since it launched in 1997, Sony were obviously anxious to get the latest version right and thus the delay in its release. GT5 will offer gamers over 1,000 cars to race on 70 tracks (including the Top Gear track for the first time). In order to give people the chance to see the 3D gaming experience at its best, Sony has announced a tournament to be held all over the UK to find the fastest GT5 racer.

A raft of Sony Bravia 3DTVs are being installed in HMV stores around the country to facilitate the 3D gaming tournament. The heats will run on a leaderboard system from Saturday next, November 27th for ten days. The fastest two players from each region will win a place in the grand final, which will take place at HMV Oxford Circus, London, on December 15th, which will be compared by Formula One personality Jake Humphreys.

GT5 is the first of a number of 3D enabled games to come for the Playstation 3 in the coming months. Killzone 3 is due in February, while MotorStorm: Apocalypse and Ico/Shadow of the Collosus collection will be available in March.

In an attempt to convert people to the 3D system, Sony will offer a PS3, a copy of GT5, two pairs of 3D goggles and a 3D transmitter all for free – once you buy one of its Bravia 3D TVs of course. With the cheapest Bravia 3D TV retailing just shy of £1,500 it could entice some people looking to upgrade their viewing options. The offer is available now until December 5 in Sony Centres.

Source: Sony

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