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Google Working On Radically Different Chrome

David Gilbert


Google Working On Radically Different Chrome

The next major iteration of Google’s popular web browser Chrome, could look significantly different and could share a new feature with IE9.

A report in today’s Telegraph quotes sources close to the search giant saying that the new Chrome browser will be significantly stripped down with the address bar disappearing completely only to reappear when a user hovers the pointer over a particular spot. This feature is currently available in the latest beta version of Internet Explorer 9 but Chrome is expected to strip back the interface even more to allow for users to get the most space possible to view web pages. Comments about the compact design on the Chromium website said: “If we take the address bar out of the tab, it can be used as both a launcher and switcher; the user doesn't have to worry about replacing their active tab. The current URL shows while a site is loading, and can be edited or changed by clicking on the tab.”

Looking at the pros and cons, saving vertical real estate and a focus on apps “providing a better experience with full control of their content area” were among the strengths while a crowded tab strip and not having the URL visible at all times were named among the weaknesses.

While these design changes would hardly strike us as radical, it could be how they are implemented that will see the next major update of Chrome make a real change in the way we browse the web. There has been no word from Google as to when, or even if, these changes will be rolled out. At the top of the page, Google even goes so far as to say “UI under development. Designs are subject to change.”

Source: Chromium via Telegraph

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