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Google Voice App Comes To iPhone

David Gilbert


Google Voice App Comes To iPhone

Good news people, The acceptance by Apple of the Google Voice App for the iPhone could hasten the roll-out of the service to countries other than the US though whether or not it will ever come to the UK is questionable. So maybe not so much good news as plain old news then

The reason Google Voice is not available here in the UK is down to the fact that we don’t pay to receive calls and text messages while in the States they do. This allows Google to offer the service of free calls and texts in the US and reduced international calls. Here it would have no way of recouping the cost of the calls and would therefore cost the poor-old search giant a small fortune. While announcing the new app in its official blog, Google tantalisingly finished the post with the line: "At this time, Google Voice is available in the U.S. only." So will there be another time? When will this time happen? Where will this time happen? So many questions, so few answers.

The new iPhone App has been in the wings for 16 months after Apple initially rejected it because it duplicated too many features of its smartphone, including the dialler capability. In an attempt to get around Apple’s belligerence, Google launched a web version of Voice for iPhone based on HTML5 last January. However, that app lacked certain capabilities, such as push notifications to alert users to new voicemails or text messages, and quicker call connections. Unlike Skype’s VOIP application, Google Voice uses the traditional phone channel, not the data plan.

Thankfully, following Apple’s back down, these issues have been addressed in the new app and push notifications and direct access numbers, which allow for quicker call connection, have been included in this release. iPhone users need an iPhone with iOS 3.1 or later and a valid Google Voice account to use the app and it can now be downloaded from the App Store. Though at this time, it's only available in the US - not sure if we mentioned that already.

Anyway just to tease you some more here's a video of exactly how Google Voice works.

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