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Google to allow users to hide sites from search results


Google To Allow Users To Hide Sites From Search Results

Ever willing to improve its search results, Google has introduced a new way to refine and personalise the results you see when using the company's search service. From now on you'll be able to block the sites you don't want to see, so they'll never appear in your search results again.

The new feature will appear as an option alongside the other results you normally expect to see for a site. Just click the "Block all example.com results" and, once you've confirmed your choice, that site will be banished. Lest you have a change of heart you can go to your Google account settings and remove the block.

Google makes a point of saying that you may have to fully perform a search again, rather than just refreshing the page, for the block to start working. Also, if and when a search is performed in which pages are blocked Google will add notifications at the top and bottom of the page to let you know.

The official Google blog post revealing this new feature also went on to say that the company may consider using these block figures to modify search rankings, meaning that sites blocked by many people may start to appear lower in the search results anyway.

The overarching implications for this are massive as so many sites, like ourselves, rely a lot on Google directing traffic to them. If a user happens to be put off by one post on a site that then leads them to block it - for instance the user may read a particularly incendiary column on a newspaper website which otherwise provides high quality news - that site is all of a sudden hurt considerably.

All told, though, this seems like a very welcome change that genuinely feels like it's putting the user back in control of their web experience. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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