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Google Takes Chrome 5.0 Out of Beta

Gordon Kelly


We've often referred to the speed of Chrome's development as breakneck, but now necks are not only broken but possibly shattered we're going to need to find a new metaphor to keep up with this...

Remarkably, Chrome has hit its fifth major milestone in the 20 months since it was launched in September 2008 with v5.0 now available to all just three months since it was launched in beta.

We've long preached the benefits of using Chrome beta over the standard build, but now more cautious Windows, Mac and Linux users will have the same access to 30 per cent faster performance, Cloud syncing of browser preferences, extensions access in incognito browsing, expanded HTML5 support including compatibility for drag & drop in Gmail and an HTML5 bookmarks manager.

One area non-beta users do miss out on though is the native integration of Adobe Flash which - in keeping with its target audience - will only appear once Flash 10.1 itself comes out of beta. As with all Chrome updates, users will be updated to the latest version automatically.

As for beta testers, we're about to hit Chrome 6.0. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Link: Google Chrome Blog Post

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