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Google TV Gets Voice Contolled Remote

David Gilbert


Google TV Gets Voice Contolled Remote

Two months after the first Google TV device went on sale, we have a software update which brings a pretty cool additional function – as long as you own an Android-powered smartphone, that is.

The Remote Control App means that shouting at the TV could now result in something happening other than members of your family giving out to you. Starting today you can download the Google TV Remote app in Android Market. Apart from standard TV remote options like changing channels or accessing your DVR, you can now interact with your TV in ways you never have before. For instance, using the integrated voice search allows you to find your favourite shows and movies just by speaking into your phone. It also allows you to share videos and websites directly from your phone to your TV. While it is currently only available on Android devices, Google has indicated that future updates will include other platforms.

This software update also brings more customization options to the Dual View function in Google TV which allows users to watch the TV and web together. “Since launch, we’ve had users give us feedback that they want even more customization options for this feature, and so today we have enhanced it to allow you to re-size and move the window however you’d like.”

Another new feature sees a movie results page that shows you all films associated with the title you're looking for so you can quickly watch what you want, wherever it’s available. You can also read a quick summary, see photos, and find the cast list. Google has also partnered with Netflix to upgrade the app so that you can search, browse and watch any movie or show that is in the Netflix streaming catalog.

Google TV users will start to see these updates roll out to their devices throughout this week. The Google TV Remote app is available today, but all features may not work until your device has received the update.

Source: Google TV Blog

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