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Google TV Delayed

David Gilbert


Google TV Devices Delayed

Last week Google launched a software update for its Google TV service and looked all set to storm the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks time. News today however of delays and software tweaking would lead us to believe CES 2011 won’t after all be all about Google TV.

This morning the New York Times reported that Google has taken the unprecedented step of asking three of its hardware partners to delay the release of their Google TV enabled devices because they need to the refine the software, which has failed to wow consumers so far. In a separate report the NYT reported that Sony, which was the first to launch a Google enabled TV last October, admitted the service had received a lukewarm reception since it was unveiled.

Toshiba, LG Electronics and Sharp were all slated to show off their versions of the system in Vegas from 6 January but following a request from Google, they will no longer be doing so. Web TV has not caught the imagination in the way that many believed it would and we are still waiting to see it revolutionise our television experience. While the three manufacturers above won’t have any Google TV devices on public display, Samsung and VIZIO will present something to those eager to sample the service.

Samsung will have a pair of devices similar to ones currently available from Sony and Logitech while VIZIO will have a device at CES but will only be demonstrating in private. We will of course try our best to get our hands on the little box when we report back from Vegas from January 4.

Source: New York Times

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