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Google Planning On NFC Payment System

David Gilbert


Google Planning On NFC Payment System

Near Field Communication (NFC) has been touted as the big thing for 2011 with all smartphones set to include the technology. However despite a big start with the Nexus S, the technology has stumbled somewhat with little industry-wide adoption but reports today suggest Google are ready to go ahead with its own trials for the payment system.

Bloomberg today quotes two sources familiar with the project who say that Google is getting ready to purchase thousands of special NFC payment terminals from VeriFone Systems. It is then planning on rolling out these pay points which will accept payment from NFC-enabled phones. The trials will take place in San Francisco and New York where Google will see how many people will be willing to use the technology on a daily basis.

While we have had NFC technology for some time, for example in London Underground’s Oyster Cards, it was only at the end of last year that we saw the first smartphone with NFC technology in the shape of Google’s own Nexus S. Since then however there has been few new phones with the technology, with the Samsung Galaxy S II one of the exceptions. Yesterday we reported that Apple would not be putting an NFC chip in the iPhone 5 as a result of a lack of industry wide standard which could further set the adoption of the technology back.

Google is obviously fully behind NFC as a technology having included support for it in Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) recently. However should the rest of the industry fail to jump on board and create a common standard, then it could be doomed to fail.

Source: Bloomberg via Engadget

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