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Google Places With Hotpot Comes To iPhone

David Gilbert


Google Places With Hotpot Comes To iPhone

One of the most annoying things about going to a new place is being unable to find a good restaurant, all-night pharmacy or that really cool bar all your friends have been talking about. In an attempt to ease our travel anxiety, Google has today launched Google Places with Hotpot for the iPhone.

Android users have been enjoying Google Places with Hotpot within the Google Maps app for a couple of months now but the Mountain View company today announced it would be bringing the local recommendation engine to its app for the iPhone. Google Places lets you search for places nearby and personalises the results based on places you’ve rated. “We get you started with a few popular search categories, but you can also tailor the list by adding your own favorite searches. This makes it fast and easy to find the best places for you with little fuss,” the official Google Mobile Blog said.

It is pretty straight forward to rate a ‘place’ by firing up the app and hitting the “Rate Now” option. You will be able to post a Hotpot review of the place you are in right from your iPhone. Over time Google Places will learn your preferences and tailor the search results accordingly. By visiting Hotpot on your desktop here you can link with friends to share ratings and opinions of different places.

You can get the Places app on your iPhone now by searching for Google Places in the App Store or going here. This first version of Places is available for all iOS devices in English only. However, more features and improvements are expected to roll out soon, including localisation in many new languages.

Source:Google Mobile Blog

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