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Google Not Buying Valve

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Google Not Buying Valve

If you caught wind of the rumour spreading like wildfire this morning Google was all set to buy Valve of Half-Life, and probably more pertinently Steam, fame, imminently. That's not quite the case, it turns out; Valve's Doug Lombardi stating categorically that Google definitely isn't buying Valve.

The lie having now winged its way around the world, the truth has had a chance to get its boots on in the form of Lombardi's comment to MTV's Multiplayer blog that the rumour was "complete fabrication". Well placed as Inquirer's sources may be, I can't see them having a better insight than Lombardi.

Personally I had my doubts from the off that this was more than hearsay, anyway. I simply don't see why Google would want to buy Valve. Yes, Steam is a fantastic content distribution system but a company of Google's size and programming expertise could make one just as good if they so desired and as Chrome has proved - slapping a Google logo on even a (currently) pretty under-featured web browser is all that's needed to see a rapid uptake.

Nice try, rumour mill, but no cylindrical smoking thing.

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