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Google Nexus One 3G & Tech Support Problems Mount

Gordon Kelly


Google Nexus One 3G & Tech Support Problems Mount

We've still got a lot more to bring you from CES 2010, including my first impressions of the Lenovo Skylight, but stepping back into a world outside Las Vegas (*sniff*) it seems not all is well in Mountain View...

Talk across the Interweb is that the first owners of Google's impressive Nexus One have found tech support somewhat wanting, a problem which is only amplified by an apparent glitch or two in its software. This main flaw is said to affect support and overall performance of the Nexus One on 3G networks, while there is also talk of sync issues with existing Google accounts.

Of course for a first generation handset using spanking new firmware (Android 2.1) issues could be expected, but what seems to have gotten everyone's back up is Google's customer service, or lack thereof. Incredibly, so far Google has yet to setup any form of tech support line meaning frustrated owners only have the option of email responses and lengthy waiting times. This can't possibly work long term.

At present the majority of problems are being faced in the US since UK network partner Vodafone has yet to start selling a subsidised version, though at $578.64 (£358) including shipping + charger it is still far cheaper to buy an unlocked Nexus One than the circa £449 being asked for a pre-pay 16GB iPhone 3GS (and while contract free, that is still tied to a network).

We'll cut Google some slack here since we are talking about a move into a whole new product sector (and a very impressive debut at that), but the smartphone industry waits for no-one, not even the king of search...


via The BBC (Thanks to Thomas C)

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