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Google Maps on Android Gets Walking Navigation Feature


Google has announced an update for Google Maps on Android, taking it up to version 4.5.

The update combines Android’s navigation feature with walking directions, so you can use your phone to direct you via GPS as you walk along. You can also now just use Street View to navigate, dragging the ‘Pegman’ icon from the corner of the screen and moving it where you wish to go, without having to tap on the arrows on the street.

Google also said that the software will now show you which way you are pointing and that users can navigate via voice guidance or just have the phone vibrate when users need to make a turn.

As with all proper Google features, users can rest assured that the Walking Navigation is a beta and advises users to pay attention to road signs so as not to walk somewhere they shouldn't, such as off a cliff, or into Bracknell.

The new update is available to all phones running Android 1.6 or above. To get the full update users will have to download separate update both for Google Maps and for Street View from the Android Market.

Google Maps Navigation is a key feature that Android phones offer that is not available on the iPhone, and despite rumours ealier in the year than it could arrive on Android rival platform nothing has materialised.

Link: Google Android Blog.

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