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Google Maps Navigation Helps You Avoid Traffic

David Gilbert


Google Maps Navigation Helps You Avoid Traffic

The reasons for having a dedicated sat nav in your car have long been under threat as smartphone screens and navigation apps have become increasingly sophisticated.

Google has now announced an update to its free Maps Navigation app, which will give users live traffic updates and re-route you accordingly. While the version currently available is only in a beta version, it has both North American and European traffic updates available. Google claim that 35 million miles are driven each day by motorists using Maps Navigation.

Navigation would previously calculate the fastest route automatically when switched on, without taking traffic conditions into account – though it would calculate alternate routes such as the shortest routes or ones using the motorway. With the new version however, the routing algorithms will also apply Google’s knowledge of current and historical traffic to select the fastest route from those alternates.

The updated Google Maps Navigation for is available today including the updated traffic information in North America and Europe.

Source: Google Blog

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