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Google Launches Official Handset/Calendar Sync

Gordon Kelly


Google Launches Official Handset/Calendar Sync

We've seen others try this before, but now we've got an official solution from the master itself.

Launching this month is ‘Google Sync', Google's own official synchronisation client which both uploads Google Calendar events to a handset and downloads them from a handset to Google Calendar all over the air.

Date, time, location, notes, ‘Available/Busy' time setting and reminder information will all be included in the sync and an automatic setting is available which can be scheduled to back up either every two hours or each time you make a change to either calendar.

To set up Google Sync simply download the application from http://m.google.com/sync and a Google Sync icon will appear on the home screen of the calendar. Log in just requires a user's Google email address and password.

Naturally enough, with something so beautifully straightforward there's always a catch and in this case the catch is it only currently works on a Blackberry (I know, you're either punching the air or punching yourself at this point) but don't fret as the service is expected to be expanded to other handsets early next year.

Remember: good things come to those who wait - apart from in technology circles where those who wait get eviscerated by their rivals. Oh well…


Google Sync

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