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Google Instant Makes Search...Instant

Andy Vandervell


Google's latest update to its search engine, Instant, adds search-before-you-type style functionality to the company's already dominant search engine. Results are dynamically produced as you type based on what Google predicts you're searching for, making it a natural extension to Google's already present personalised search abilities.

In a blog post Marissa Mayer, VP for Search Products & User Experience, explained:

"The user benefits of Google Instant are many—but the primary one is time saved. Our testing has shown that Google Instant saves the average searcher two to five seconds per search. That may not seem like a lot at first, but it adds up. With Google Instant, we estimate that we’ll save our users 11 hours with each passing second!"

There are limitations, as only users in the US, France, Germany, Italy, Russia and the UK, and only Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE8 browsers, need apply. Google is working on expanding this support, however, by which time world domination will be assured.


Google Instant

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