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Google Gives Up on Nexus One


Google Gives Up on Nexus One

Google’s much vaunted Nexus One smartphone has had the rug pulled from underneath it after just six months. On its official blog Google has announced that once it sells out of its current stock of Nexus One phones it will no longer be available to buy in the US from its online store.

The Nexus One was a bold experiment from Google to, like Apple, sell its own branded hardware via an online store. However, it proved unpopular with third party Android phone manufacturers and clearly with the public, who instead went for devices such as the HTC Desire and the Samsung Galaxy.

For UK customers the Nexus One has had a very short shelf life, as it only appeared on these shores in late April on Vodafone.

It continues to be available, but only for free from £35 a month packages, whereas the superior HTC Desire can be had for free from £30 a month. As such we think it’ll be hanging around for a while longer.

Is anyone the proud owner of a Nexus One? Why not share your thoughts on its demise in the comments.

Link: Google Nexus One blog

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