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Google Dumps Windows In Favour of Linux & Mac OS

Gordon Kelly


Google Dumps Windows In Favour of Linux & Mac OS

With Ed rushing all over Taipei covering Computex this week I'll be largely looking at all things non-Eastern originated (and recording another TR podcast - great feedback so far everyone!). So in this spirit I'm rather surprised this didn't happen years ago...

Google is phasing out use of Windows across the company over security concerns. Speaking to the Financial Times a Google employee revealed:

"We’re not doing any more Windows. It is a security effort. Many people have been moved away from {Windows} PCs, mostly towards Mac OS, following the China hacking attacks." Another employee added: "Getting a new Windows machine now requires CIO approval." As for Chrome OS: "A lot of it is an effort to run things on Google product,” the employees confirmed. "They want to run things on Chrome."

This news shouldn't come as a shock. Google actively competes with Microsoft in just about every sector now other than games consoles and the China Hack made it incredibly jumpy. It has also been extremely vocal about the security flaws from continued use of Internet Explorer 6.

On the flip side, just because Google has dropped Windows doesn't mean we all should. Windows 7 is a fine product and the OSes are largely a victim of their own success: if you control circa 90 per cent of the world's computer operating systems why would hackers waste their time targeting anything else?

In short then it makes sense for such a high profile company with major security concerns (*cough* Street View WiFi data debacle *cough*), but for the vast majority of us not being specifically targeted by entire countries Microsoft's OSes will do just fine. After all, Safari lasted "just seconds" in the latest Pwn2Own hacking contest so wipe that smile off your face Mac fans...

Link: Financial Times

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