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Google Dismisses Nexus Two & Chrome OS Nexus Tablet

Gordon Kelly


Google Dismisses Nexus Two & Chrome OS Nexus Tablet

Been dreaming of a successor to the Nexus One? Google has some bad news for you...

In an interview with the Telegraph, Google CEO Eric Schmidt explained:

“The idea a year and a half ago was to do the Nexus One to try to move the phone platform hardware business forward. It clearly did. It was so successful, we didn't have to do a second one. We would view that as positive but people criticised us heavily for that. I called up the board and said: 'Ok, it worked. Congratulations - we're stopping'. We like that flexibility, we think that flexibility is characteristic of nimbleness at our scale."

We get Schmidt's argument here, though think he's wrong. The Nexus One - while initially an online sales failure - has been a hit with techies and Apple's new iPhone 4 sales model shows offering an unlocked handset which has direct access to the latest firmware can sell like hotcakes.

The bad news doesn't end there though, since Schmidt also said the rumoured Chrome OS tablet is unlikely:

"We've talked about it. We have a reference spec for Chrome OS, we have a couple of hardware partners all lined up and the open source is all out there. It's on schedule and it will happen later this year. Let's see how well those partners do first. My guess is we won't need to. The PC industry is different from the phone industry. The PC industry is used to working with Microsoft, whereas the mobile industry was not used to working with software."

In all fairness a Google specific Chrome OS tablet is different to the Nexus One. Unlike Android, Chrome OS is meant to be virtually invisible: a minimalistic gateway to the Internet via a simple browser. That said, given the technical tour de force that was the Nexus One, we'd have liked to see what sort of tablet Google would have come with.


Source: Telegraph

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