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Google Desktop Reaches Beta 5: Vista Look-a-Like

Gordon Kelly


Google Desktop Reaches Beta 5: Vista Look-a-Like

If you don't yet have Windows Vista but you like its swanky graphical superficiality then make sure you upgrade to Google's latest Desktop beta...

Version 5.0 has had a complete style makeover and clearly decided its role model should be Vista's Sidebar. Like Microsoft's creation, it now blends perfectly into your desktop wallpaper thanks to a newly transparent background while the weather and photography widgets are eerily familiar.

Other than the Vistarish makeover Desktop has also received a number of security updates after vulnerabilities in the previous edition made a few headlines (obviously not here, since we're not that nerdy) along with a new preview option which saves time by displaying a condensed list of results before opening out fully into your web browser.

Of course like all Google software the biggest question still remains: when on (Google) earth is it going to get out of beta? Schmidt and Brin have had Desktop testing for nearly two years now and they should really be bold enough to declare official v1.0 finished.

That said, it's hard to get angry at a piece of software which is free, especially since you won't need a 128MB graphics card to get the best out of it...


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