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Google Dates Street View For UK

Gordon Kelly


Google Dates Street View For UK

When Apple updated the iPhone to firmware 2.2 in November one of the big additions was Google Maps Street View - at least for other countries... but at least we now have some roll-out timeframes.

Come spring 2009 Street View will be made available in Birmingham, Edinburgh, London and Manchester with other locations appearing in typical incremental Google style.

As with enabled cities, we'll then be able to click on the 'Peg man' symbol located on both the Google Maps site and T-Mobile G1 and iPhone Google Maps apps to zoom down to street level and look around with full 360 degree movement at the surroundings. This will be particularly impressive on the G1 which uses a combination of its accelerometer and GPS chips to detect which way a user is facing and align Street View accordingly - a nifty help with directions.

Perhaps unsurprisingly in this paranoid era of ours objections to Street View are being raised with British pressure group Privacy International saying the technology compromises the rights of citizens snapped in Google Street View cameras. (I would imagine effectively) Countering this Google says any people caught by their cameras will have their faces blurred. Personally, I wouldn't care - in fact I think I'd find it rather funny and send it around friends and relatives until they were bored sick.

Indeed with the US, parts of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Spain, Italy, France and even Alaska already Street View enabled I say all this can't come soon enough...


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