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Google Cuts Nexus One Price Tag

Gordon Kelly


Google Cuts Nexus One Price Tag

Releasing products then immediately slashing the price is becoming an increasingly common trend amongst manufacturers, so why should Google be any different...?

The company has announced it will cut the cost of the Nexus One for upgraders in the US by $100, bringing it down to $279. Those who paid the full amount will receive a credit. This now compares to an unlocked price of $529 or a $179 subsidised price for new T-Mobile subscribers who sign a two year contract.

Yes, it does show upgraders were already getting the crappy end of the stick and there is no reason to believe that what goes on in the US telecoms market will have any great impact on the UK (thankfully, since we tend to get better deals). That said, what this does prove is there is significant margin in the Nexus One and - fingers crossed - that will be reflected by Vodafone when Google's sole confirmed UK partner launches the handset over here in the near future.

Then again, Google has also come (fairly) under attack after users discovered it has imposed a $350 early termination fee on all subsidised Nexus Ones in addition to the $200 early termination fee already enforced by T-Mobile. $550? That's more than a Nexus One unlocked! Come on Google, it is a lovely phone, but remember your company motto...

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