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Google Cooks Up Recipe View

David Gilbert


Google Cooks Up Recipe View

Does anyone remember when searching the internet was like going into some unknown part of an Amazonian jungle? You typed something in, stood back and waited to see what strange and wonderful results the search engine spewed out. Since the arrive of Google however, searching has become boringly predicable, and its latest innovation, Recipe View looks to bring a new level of predictability.

While the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button still exists for the thrill seekers out there, we pine for the days when searching for a Spotted Dick recipe could throw up no end of interesting results. Now however, with Recipe View, Google will offer you pictures, ratings and even calorie counts for each recipe. The new innovation will be rolled out first in two countries with very different culinary cultures, the United States and Japan. People searching for a recipe will be able to click the Recipe View link in the left hand panel and results will be shown with pictures and star ratings. While on the left-hand side of the page a number of filters will allow you to narrow your search even further.

Google says it can be used to search for specific dishes, your favourite chef (Nigella, if anyone is wondering), a particular ingredient or abstract terms like "strange salad." The results can be further filtered by calorie count or cooking time. Recipe View is the first set of search results to be built on data from rich snippets markup which was first introduced in 2009. Recipe publishers can add markups to their web pages so that results will appear with this new presentation in regular Google results as well as in Recipe View.

Google is promising to roll out Recipe View in more countries in the future but we are not sure how many people will use this feature as most serious cooks will have cookbooks or particular websites they use anyway and casual cooks will stick to preheating the oven and unboxing the pizza.

Source: Google

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