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Google Cloud Connect Comes Out Of Beta

David Gilbert


Google Cloud Connect Comes Out Of Beta

Are you one of those luddite’s Google describes as still “tied to desktop applications” and not “experiencing the numerous benefits cloud applications” can bring? Well look no further than Google’s Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office, which will let you and your colleagues share and edit all manner of documents via the Cloud.

In beta since last November, Cloud Connect has now been unveiled in all its glory and will allow users to simply download a plugin and begin sharing and editing Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents. However should you already be hitting that source link to try and download it and you're working on a Mac, forget about it as the plugin only works on Windows PCs running Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010.

Once installed a toolbar will automatically appear in Office and will allow you, with one click, to save the document to the Cloud, share it with a friend via email and even edit in via Google Docs. Older versions of the document being worked on are also held in the Cloud allowing you to easily go back to earlier versions. Numerous people can edit the one document at once and if it happens that two people edit the same section at the same time, the originator of the document can choose which version to keep. Documents can even be worked on offline and when you go online next, the edits will be updated to the cloud-based document.

The service will obviously be aimed primarily at companies, with remote workers able to collaborate easily with those in the office on presentations, pitches and whatever else you do in companies. For those interested, the plugin is now available to download here.

Source: Google Docs Blog


February 26, 2011, 11:49 pm

It's a nice idea - but I can't see us using it in our company, for one reason - security. Having documents with confidential info on them in the cloud just wouldn't wash - no matter how secure Google may say their servers are.


February 28, 2011, 2:46 am

@Chris: I totally agree, security is something that'd stop my company using this as well.

How does this differ from the tools built into Office Web Apps?

Can someone explain to me why Google are doing this, obviously it's part of some long term plan to get people to use Google Docs instead. I suppose they hope you edit online using GDocs occasionally and in time realise you don't need Office anymore. Yes?

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