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Google Chrome Updated - Again

David Gilbert


Google Chrome Updated - Again

We had to go and check, but we were right, Google’s Chrome web browser was only launched in September 2008 and yet we now have the 8th iteration of the speedy browser.

When the pop-up came up yesterday to ask if we wanted to upgrade to the latest version of the browser {snazzily titled 8.0.552.215} we were taken aback that it had reached the mature age of eight in the short space of 24-months. The problem however is that this update like the others before it brings little in the way of new functionality.

The main addition to the update on the Stable channel is the inclusion of a PDF reader, that uses Chrome's sandboxing protection to ward off viruses, and has been available in the Beta channel for a while now. What may be more exciting though is support for the upcoming Web apps that Google will host in the Chrome Web Store, when that launches. This could eventually lead to a lot more functionality when the Store comes online.

Google has also included 800 bug fixes in the release which will no doubt bring a lot more stability to the browser. People already using Chrome will be updated automatically but should this not happen then just click on Wrench > About Google Chrome > Update Now. So while it won't change your life, it's still probably worth updating your browser to 8. I guess it will give Chrome users something to do while they await the long-delayed Chrome OS.

Source: Google Chrome Releases

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