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Google Chrome OS Smartbook to Launch This Year?

David Gilbert


Google Chrome OS Smartbook to Launch This Year?

Smartbook? Netbook? Who knows, but one thing that seems certain is that a Google Chrome OS-powered notebook will be on our shelves in the very near future.

A Far East-based technology site has stated that the internet search giant will launch a 'smartbook' at some stage this month. The post on the DigiTimes website quotes a source from a company manufacturing component parts for this top-secret device and lists a range of feature the 'smartbook' will have.

Based around an ARM processor the rumoured device will be manufactured by Inventec. Instant-on and long battery life are other rumoured features. The timing of the leak is interesting as it is exactly a year on from the official unveiling of Chrome OS and at the time Google executives did hint that a device such as this mooted 'smartbook' would be unveiled at around this time.

One of the most interesting things to come out in recent days is that Google will plan on selling the device in a similar way to the Google Nexus One - that being solely online and not in any retail outlets. This is interesting since the Nexus One was pulled from their online store within six months.

Not only that but Acer and Hewlett-Packard (HP) will apparently release their own Google Chrome OS-powered devices in December. Google’s Chrome OS is based on its Chrome browser and will only work on devices built specifically for it. It will operate with cloud storage and run all application through the web on WiFi or 3G.

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