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Google Chrome 6.0 Already In Testing, Will Pre-empt Clicks

Gordon Kelly


Google Chrome 6.0 Already In Testing, Will Pre-empt Clicks

Still rolling along on Chrome v4? Sheesh, catch up. Google is already hard at work on version 6.0!

This week a developer version of Chrome 6.0.409.0 has been quietly released into the wild as the 5.0 beta nears final release. So how does Google plan to make the Web's fastest browser even quicker? By guessing.

Yes, really. Chrome 6 is looking to develop 'predictive pre-connections' - these analyse a users browsing habits over time and automatically load the most likely places you're going to want to click in the background.

“When a navigation takes place, and we’ve seen navigations to that domain/port before, and the history-based probability that we’ll need to make a connection to a second site (host/port) is sufficiently large, then we preconnect to that second site while we are still connecting to the primary site (and before we’ve gotten content from the primary site," explained Google in a way which makes a fairly simple idea sound complex.

In a phrase I'd call it 'second guessing'. Funnily enough this isn't actually a new idea. The popular Chrome extension FastestChrome "automatically loads the next page just before you reach the end so you don't have to click 'Next' or wait" and similar mods have been seen for the likes of Firefox and Opera in the past. Of course Google will be looking to take its implementation to the next level.

What else can we expect from Chrome 6? Very little else has been discussed at this point so we really don't know. All we do know is lbased on current trends likely to be things that terrify Firefox and Internet Explorer even more...


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