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Google Buys Parrot Pictures To Improve YouTube Quality

David Gilbert


Google Buys Parrot Pictures To Improve YouTube Quality

While the quality of the videos being uploaded to YouTube has improved greatly in recent years, we are still faced with lots of blurry, unsteady images and find ourselves squinting to try and see what exactly is going on.

In a bid to help everyone’s eyesight, Google has announced that it has purchased Dublin-based company Green Parrot Pictures which specialises in image processing to improve sharpness and camera shake. And while the technology will now be put to work on the amateur footage seen on YouTube, the Irish company has a good track record having worked with major Hollywood studios on films such as Lord of the Rings and Spiderman. A statement on the company’s website said: “We're excited to join Google, where we will apply our expertise to improve the online video experience for hundreds of millions of users worldwide on may different products, platforms and services."

With 35 hours of video footage being uploaded to YouTube every single minute of the day, anything that will help improve the quality as well as make more efficient use of bandwidth will be welcome. “Their technology helps make videos look better while at the same time using less bandwidth and improving playback speed,” Jeremy Doig, Director, Google Video Technology said on the YouTube Blog today. The technology, developed by Green Parrot Pictures, will work on sharpening images, reducing visual noise and rendering a higher-quality, steadier videos on-the-fly as your videos are being uploaded.

Source: Green Parrot Pictures and YouTube Blog

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