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Google Brings Push Support to Gmail

Gordon Kelly


Google Brings Push Support to Gmail

After a hectic start to the year Gmail has had a relatively quiet few months, but it is back with a bang today...

Continuing its game of catch up with NuevaSync Google has today added push email to Google Sync. This means the service is now complete with mail automatically pushed to handsets along with the existing calendar and contacts functionality.

"When we launched Google Sync for Contacts and Google Calendar earlier this year, an over-the-air, always-on connection to sync mail was noticeably absent," acknowledged Google Mobile product manager Marcus Foster. "We heard your requests loud and clear, and starting today you can use Google Sync to get your Gmail messages pushed directly to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or Windows Mobile device."

If you're a proud BlackBerry owner I doubt you'll be waiting long, while Android can do this already. Google promises once setup new emails will be pushed to your device "within seconds". This means you can abandon the age old system of having to open your email just to see if you have messages as well as having to wait for the excruciating send and receive process to complete. With push email your latest messages are always there.

As for the effect on battery life, Google does admit push connections use more power "so don't be surprised if your battery life isn't quite what it used to be" (a worry for iPhone owners in particular). That said it does promise a lot of work has been done to optimise power usage. Interestingly, I have used the Nuevasync push Gmail service since it launched at the start of July and I've noticed no battery degradation at all. Perhaps that's why it costs $25 (£15) per year and Google sync is free...

Either way, push brings email into the 21st century - particularly when mobile broadband speeds are so poor. So do yourself a favour and hop aboard...


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