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Google & Bing Reveal Hottest Trends of 2009

Gordon Kelly


Google & Bing Reveal Hottest Trends of 2009

It's not even December yet (just), but if you'd like to know what are the hottest trending topics of 2009 Google and Bing are keen to tell you...

Perhaps most interesting from the Google side is 'Michael Jackson' wasn't the hottest rising search of 2009, neither was 'swine flu' instead it went to Windows 7. Perhaps unsurprisingly the rest were dominated by variations on Facebook!

1) windows 7 +1,250%

2) michael jackson +900%

3) facebook login +750%

4) facebook.com +250%

5) facebook +200%

6) youtube.com +130%

7) tuenti +120%

8) yahoo mail +100%

9) face +100%

10) hotmail.com +50%

Google should announce .com lists within the next few days and we'll update the article.

As for Bing, it has released its top 10 trending topics These were more straightforward, though I'm amazed to see Twitter ahead of Swine Flu:

1) Michael Jackson

2) Twitter

3) Swine Flu

4) Stock Market

5) Farrah Fawcett

6) Patrick Swayze

7) Cash for Clunkers

8) Jon and Kate Gosselin

9) Billy Mays

10) Jaycee Dugard

Interestingly, with the so-called 'noughties' also drawing to a close (what will we call the next decade? 'Decties'?), Google has also shown off the hottest topics for each year and in the UK again Stephen Gately was apparently our primary obsession. The full list for the UK is below and I find 2005 particularly depressing...

  • 2000: omitted since the data recording hadn't begun

  • 2001: notradamus

  • 2002: spiderman

  • 2003: prince charles

  • 2004: big brother

  • 2005: james blunt

  • 2006: steve irwin

  • 2007: iphone

  • 2008: iplayer

  • 2009: stephen gately
This being the analytical monster that is Google it also broke down dozens more which you can see on the next page.

So any speculations as to what will be the number one trend or term in 2010? In the meantime here are the Google Top Searches of 2008.


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