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Google Launches Apps Marketplace

Gordon Kelly


Google Apps Marketplace Launched

Google Apps users need love too...

So aiming to kick-start development specifically for them (the majority of which tend to be businesses), the search giant has announced Apps Marketplace. This is a site which works similarly to Android Marketplace or the Chrome Extensions site allowing Apps users to browse applications that could prove useful to their company's current Gmail, Calendar, Docs, etc integration. Unlike Android Marketplace, however, applications produced in Apps Marketplace bolt onto Google Apps services so are entirely Cloud-based.

"The Google Apps Marketplace offers products and services designed for Google users, including installable apps that integrate directly with Google Apps," says the site's official blurb. "Installable apps are easy to use because they include single sign-on, Google's universal navigation, and some even include features that integrate with your domain's data."

Currently highlights of the Apps Marketplace include video web conferencing tools, expense reporting applications and secure eSignature services while Google has confirmed over 50 launch partners.

As for the developers themselves, they get a rather good deal since Google charges a $100 sign-up fee, but then takes just a 20 per cent revenue share of sales no-matter how many apps the developer makes or what price they decide to charge. Given that virtually all business related apps carry either an initial or annual fee, this could prove quite lucrative.

So get your best programming head on and perhaps some of Google Apps' high profile customers - which include national newspapers and even governments - could soon be topping up your bank account...


Google Apps Marketplace

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